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Civic Sense Game: Celebrating our first blog with you

I remember Friday the 6th of May 2016 distinctly! The early spring season is very active and hot in the Indian subcontinent but it wasn’t one of those days.


This Bengaluru Start-Up Creates A Game To Make Waste Segregation Fun

Named as ‘Civic Sense’, the game is targeted for kids and it aims to make waste management a fun learning process with over 100 levels

This app gamifies waste segregation and management to instill civic sense in kids, adults

Civic Sense game is a mobile game, which is applicable to all countries where plastic, paper, organic, medical, e-waste should be segregated.


Civic Sense Game: The Game-Play

Waste Segregation is an important civic issue that needs our attention immediately for a more healthier and cleaner environment. And to achieve this, awareness is the key. Hence change is required from the grassroots level!


Game for change?

Catch them young and help kids learn to segregate waste. Here’s an app that attempts to do that in a fun manner. Adults are welcome too!


An App with a purpose! Education | Fun | Creative | # 1 Kids App

A major problem according to you might be of least importance to me. But if we don’t take this seriously we are in for a state of doom!


5 reasons why Kids should be playing Civic Sense Game: Learning App

We understand your worry. There’s plenty of apps out there. Specially games. Why should one download another game? That too with plenty of apps dedicated for kids, why is this on so different from the others? We tell you exactly why!


Let This Independence Day Be Free From Waste

We strive for a more liberal, progressive and evolved society today but all this can only be accomplished through a healthier environment.So, what are we doing on our part to promote a greener and healthier future?


Race against monsters to bin your waste right

What do monkeys and monsters have in common with waste segregation?


Why can people in society not understand the problem for ourselves? A clean India = a better India.

Waste Segregation is a phenomenon! The need for waste segregation and its awareness must start at grassroots level. Stating with kids, parents and all age groups.