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Sidharth Reddy

Co- Founder/ Creative Director

Sidharth has a healthy obsession with all things digital, strongly believing in the intersection of design and technology. Constantly exploring and prototyping new ideas, he'll jump at the chance to be involved in any aspect of a project.

Suresh Bhimavarapu

Co-Founder/ Strategy Head

Suresh helps our clients achieve their brand vision in the digital space through strategic advice and streamlined project management. Idly addict and when he's not driving his Audi around and talking real estate he can be found enjoying a game of cricket.

Ashwin Kumar S

Development/ Marketing Lead

Great designs and brilliant interactions are both key to keeping Ashwin enthusiastic about the web. When not pushing pixels or dropping code, it's been reported Ashwin has aspirations for variable facial hair. When away from the screen Ashwin can usually be found ranking burgers by deliciousness.