Waste Management Revolution

Spread the awareness. Spread the Joy. Spread Civic Sense Game.

It’s Educational

Improves Critical Thinking

Thrill of Discovery

Respect to Nature

Once upon a time I was lazy and use to throw garbage all together. I got to know about the game from an article and wanted to try I sort everything #cleanlyf

Mr. Shahan RaiFreelancer

Brain Driven, Pretentious play

Game is set on a beautiful landscape which dwells through a spring-like temperament.

Game brings in Creativity

Game commences as these notorious monkeys keep dispatching waste items through conveyor belts.

Fun Filled and Challenging

The player needs to segregate the waste by swiping different waste items onto their corresponding conveyor belts.

Different modes of game-play

Arcade ModeEndless Mode and Timer Mode. Keep winning each level with maximum scores and move to the next environment

At Tough Situations

You can also use powers such as Slow mo, Thunderbolt, Magnet and Heal which assist you throughout the game.

Increase Curiosity

In order to make the game more challenging we have features such as brick walls, bubbles, monsters and bombs which make the game highly anticipating.

Now that you know what we do, what are you waiting for?

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